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Explore the top ten must-see films starring the versatile Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage.

Credits:- Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Cage plays Ronny, a vulnerable and captivating one-handed baker who falls for Cher's Loretta.

1. Moonstruck

Credits:- Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Cage's brutally honest portrayal of an alcoholic writer set on self-destruction in Sin City earned him an Academy Award.

2. Leaving Las Vegas

Credits:- RLJE Films

In this heavy metal odyssey, Cage battles demon bikers to seek revenge for his partner's kidnapping, showcasing both over-the-top and poignant performances.

3. Mandy

Credits:- 20th Century Studios

Cage brings heart and sincerity to his role as Cameron Poe in this absurd, over-the-top action movie, making the audience care about his character.

4. Con Air

Credits:- Neon

Cage delivers a restrained and introspective performance as Robin Feld, a reclusive truffle hunter seeking justice after his beloved pig is stolen.

5. Pig

Credits:- Walt Disney Studios

A neo-Western with a noirish feel, Cage delivers a remarkably subdued, expressionless performance in this hidden treasure.

6. Red Rock West

Credits:- Columbia Pictures

Cage plays a fictionalized version of the film's writer in this self-reflexive and brilliantly crafted film.

7. Adaptation

Credits:- Walt Disney Studios

Cage brings his trademark energy to his role as a chemist recruited by the FBI to help take down a group of rogue marines.

8. The Rock

Credits:- Universal Pictures

Directed by David Lynch, Cage plays Sailor Ripley, a romantic and rebellious ex-convict who falls for Laura Dern's Lula.

9. Wild at Heart

Credits:- Paramount Pictures

Cage & John Travolta swap faces in this high-concept action film, with Cage delivering an entertainingly over-the-top performance as the villainous Castor Troy.

10. Face/Off