Standout Moments from the Bahrain GP: Fernando Alonso Takes the Spotlight

Although Fernando Alonso won the Bahrain Grand Prix, Max Verstappen took first place in the competition. In addition to demonstrating that the excitement surrounding the team’s car was warranted (if not a little exaggerated at times this week), Alonso’s podium finish on his Aston Martin debut also saw one of the sport’s most gifted drivers restored to a position of strength. Standout Moments from the Bahrain GP: Fernando Alonso Takes the Spotlight.

Time is reversed by Alonso

The Bahrain Grand Prix may have been won by Max Verstappen, but the standout performance of the day belonged to Fernando Alonso, the oldest and most experienced driver on the grid. His podium finish on his debut with Aston Martin showed that the team’s excitement about their car was not unfounded, and also demonstrated that one of the greatest drivers of modern F1 is back in a competitive position.

Alonso’s presence on the track is always entertaining, and Sunday’s race was no exception. He relishes being an F1 antihero and played a pivotal role in making the opening race genuinely exciting. His performance also suggests that the Aston Martin has the potential to be a podium regular this year. “That’s why this performance feels good because it was on merit,” said Alonso. “I think the last few occasions I was competitive, like Canada last year, it was a wet qualifying … there was always special circumstances.”

Alonso’s performance included some impressive overtaking maneuvers, including a thrilling wheel-to-wheel battle with his old rival Lewis Hamilton. While the two have been considered great rivals, actual track battles between them in recent years have been few and far between. Their last notable battle was in Hungary in 2021, when Alonso’s defensive moves helped his then-teammate Esteban Ocon win the race. They also collided in Belgium last year, after which Alonso suggested that Hamilton only knows how to race when he’s in the lead.

Alonso’s performance on Sunday was a reminder of his immense talent and a promising start to his new venture with Aston Martin. The team’s new philosophy has clearly paid off, and Alonso is looking forward to finding even more performance in the coming months.

Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix may have been won by Max Verstappen, but it was Fernando Alonso who stole the show. The 39-year-old, who is the oldest and most experienced driver on the grid, showed fans why he is still considered one of the most talented drivers in modern Formula One. His third-place podium finish on his Aston Martin debut not only proved the hype around the team’s car was justified, but also saw Alonso propelled back into a competitive position.

Alonso’s performance was a breath of fresh air for fans who have been deprived of genuine entertainment in recent races. The Spaniard, who relishes being F1’s antihero, was the saviour of the opening race, displaying his impressive racecraft with some superb pieces of overtaking. His battle with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was particularly exciting, as the two drivers engaged in a thrilling wheel-to-wheel fight mid-way through the race. Despite Hamilton’s great undercut, Alonso’s pace in the Aston Martin was clear to see, and he eventually passed his former McLaren teammate down the inside of Turn 10 to take the position.

Later in the race, Alonso made light work of Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, showcasing his cunning racecraft by taking the opposite line through Turn 10 to close the door and make the pass. He explained that he had the advantage of better grip and tyres, and the move proved that Alonso’s strategic mind is as sharp as ever.

The result was particularly satisfying for Alonso because it was on merit, rather than special circumstances such as wet qualifying or other factors that have hindered him in recent years. He was proud to be a part of the Aston Martin team, which has undergone a change in concept and philosophy. Alonso believes there is more performance to be found in the coming months, and the team’s strong showing in testing, free practice, and the race is a promising starting point.

The Spaniard’s radio message to his team in the final laps of the race summed up his enjoyment of the car: “What a lovely car to drive.” It is clear that Alonso is relishing being at the wheel of his new team’s car, which is the best he has had in almost a decade. While Red Bull and Verstappen may dominate the early races of the season, Alonso and Aston Martin could prove to be a formidable combination worth tuning in to see.

Alonso’s great day is almost ruined by the stroll

The Bahrain Grand Prix could have taken a disastrous turn for Fernando Alonso right at the start of the race, thanks to an overly ambitious move by his teammate, Lance Stroll. Stroll attempted to dive up the inside of Turn 4, only to make contact with Alonso’s right rear tyre. Despite the potentially race-ending incident, both cars escaped unscathed and were able to continue until the end. Stroll had already been struggling with injuries from a previous accident, but managed to fight back tears as he battled through the pain to secure sixth position.

Alonso had nothing but praise for his teammate after the race, calling Stroll his hero and saying that he deserves a podium finish in the future. The incident was a reminder of the dangers of F1 and the importance of teamwork in overcoming obstacles. Despite the close call, the performance of the Aston Martin team was strong throughout the race, with Alonso showcasing his impressive racecraft and overtaking skills to secure a podium finish on his debut for the team.

The incident with Stroll highlighted the need for caution and precision in the high-stakes world of F1 racing, and Alonso’s ability to keep his cool under pressure was on full display. The Aston Martin team demonstrated their potential to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming races, with Alonso and Stroll both showing that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. While the start of the race was certainly nerve-wracking, the team’s impressive showing throughout the rest of the race was a testament to their resilience and determination

Max is in a class by himself

The opening race in Bahrain saw Red Bull dominate the competition, with Max Verstappen leading from the start and seemingly unstoppable barring any reliability issues. Although there were some concerns about his downshifts, the two-time world champion’s race was largely uneventful.

The rest of the field struggled to keep up with Red Bull, with Sergio Perez unlikely to pose a serious threat to the team’s dominance and Ferrari plagued by reliability issues. This has led to concerns that the season may lack competitiveness, with George Russell even suggesting that Red Bull has already won the championship and should expect to win every race. It appears that Red Bull has a significant advantage over their competitors at this early stage of the season, and unless something changes, we may be in for a one-sided battle for the championship.