Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s New Song “Mine” with Subtle References to Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly’s lyrics expressed a broken heart from being used. See the complete teaser for sincerity. Kelly Clarkson has given a glimpse of her new song, “Mine,” in a Twitter preview clip that appears to throw shade at her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. In the clip, the 40-year-old singer can be seen in the recording studio pouring her heart out about a fake relationship where her heart was taken for granted. The American Idol alum’s lyrics suggest that someone is going to teach her ex-husband how it feels to have their heart used like she did. The a capella teaser showcased Clarkson’s powerful vocals and showcased her ability to express her emotions through her music.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s New Song “Mine” with Subtle References to Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson is set to release her latest single, “Mine,” on April 14 as part of her upcoming album, Chemistry. In a video posted on her Twitter account on March 26, the American Idol alum announced the album’s title and shared her journey in creating it. After working on the project for almost three years, Clarkson was initially uncertain about releasing it. However, she ultimately decided to share it with her fans. The album’s name, Chemistry, was chosen because the singer wanted to capture the range of emotions she experienced during the creative process. “I didn’t want everybody to think that I was just coming out with some just like, ‘I’m angry. I’m sad,’ just one or two emotions,” she explained. Fans can look forward to experiencing Clarkson’s multifaceted musical journey when Chemistry is released.

Kelly Clarkson’s album, Chemistry, explores the arc of a complete relationship, showcasing both positive and negative aspects. The singer notes that while chemistry can be exciting and fun, it can also be detrimental. The album’s name reflects the multifaceted nature of the relationships explored throughout.

Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming album, Chemistry, marks her first release since her divorce from Brandon Blackstock was finalized in 2020. The Grammy-winning artist filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences after nearly seven years of marriage. Clarkson admitted that working on music during and after the split was a challenging experience. In an interview with The Chart Show with Brooke Reese in June 2022, she described it as the hardest project she has ever worked on. As a human going through a difficult time, Clarkson acknowledged that the divorce was a huge event in her life and that it has not been easy, especially with children involved. However, through her music, she has been able to process her emotions and express herself creatively, as seen in the diverse range of themes explored in Chemistry.

Kelly Clarkson, who herself is a child of divorce, has found it challenging to witness the impact of her divorce on her two children, 8-year-old River and 6-year-old Remi. She has made an effort to create an open and honest environment for her children to express their feelings about the situation. In a recent interview on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast, Clarkson shared that she asks her children every night if they are happy and what could make them happier. She encourages them to be truthful and doesn’t want them to hide their emotions. Clarkson has also shared that her children have expressed sadness about the divorce, wishing that their parents could still live together. Despite the challenges of co-parenting post-divorce, Clarkson is determined to raise her children to be open and honest individuals.

Kelly Clarkson empathizes with her children’s feelings about her divorce and works to create an open environment for them to express their emotions. She understands that their sadness is a big and real feeling and communicates with them in a way that doesn’t trivialize their emotions. Clarkson’s approach is to not treat them like adults but also not like children, recognizing the magnitude of their emotions.

The divorce process was prolonged by disagreements over money and custody arrangements. In 2021, a Los Angeles County judge ordered Kelly to pay her former manager $200,000 a month in spousal support and $1.25 million towards Brandon’s attorney fees. The situation was frustrating for Kelly, and sources claim that it has been a major source of stress for her. “She finds it insane that she has to spend so much money on support,” an insider told Us Weekly in August 2021. Even though Kelly keeps busy with work during the day, the situation is always in the back of her mind and continues to be upsetting for her.