John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take Their Kids to Venice with Baby Esti in Tow in a Carrier

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, one of the most loved celebrity couples, shared adorable family moments in their recent vacation photos. The family of five, including their three cute kids, Luna, Miles, and Esti, enjoyed their holiday in Venice, Italy. The photos that Chrissy shared on Instagram showed how the family had a great time together, wearing fashionable outfits that made them look stunning. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take Their Kids to Venice with Baby Esti in Tow in a Carrier.

John and Chrissy, who are both in their forties, looked radiant and happy in the photos. John wore a tan peacoat over a light gray sweater and black pants with white sneakers, while Chrissy wore a light gray blazer over a white lace top and a long floral skirt. Luna looked beautiful in a light tan dress with black hearts all over it, a black leather jacket, and floral leggings with black boots. Miles also looked dashing in a black and white checkered button-down top, gray jogging pants, and tan suede boots.

Memories of Venice

The family had a blast in Venice, and Chrissy reminisced about the beautiful memories that John and she had shared in Venice in 2007. Chrissy posted a caption on her Instagram account, “Venezia! John and I first came here in 2007 when we were just a couple of crazy child-free kids! It was the dead of winter, absolutely freezing cold, and John fondly remembers my single faux urban outfitters fur hat that adorned me every day and night. We took the water bus everywhere and ran through the alleys, making out like a couple of doofuses in lurve who never would have thought we’d be back with babies of our own! Well, John probably knew.”

Happy Easter from the Teigen-Legend Family

Chrissy also shared photos of the family in different outfits, including a red and white striped sweater under a white coat, jeans, and white sneakers for John, and a blue striped blazer over a light purple dress and white shoes for Chrissy. Luna wore a floral dress under a cream furry coat and colorful sneakers, while Miles flaunted a blue and black plaid top under a black hooded coat, blue jeans, and tan boots. They looked fabulous as they celebrated Easter in Venice.

John and Chrissy’s Love Story

John and Chrissy have been in the news not only for their family vacation photos but also for their candid interviews. During a recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, John spoke about the key to their satisfying sex life with Chrissy. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s relationship and continuing to make an effort to keep the romance alive, especially if a couple has been together for a long time. John suggested that taking things for granted could lead to a rut, but going on a date or engaging in fun activities could reignite the spark. Ultimately, he believes that investing time and effort in one’s relationship is crucial to a healthy and satisfying sex life.