According To IMDb, Best 10 Movies of Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a versatile entertainer, renowned for his acting, comedy, and singing talents. He started as a stand-up comedian and later transitioned to TV and film, focusing on dramatic roles that highlighted his acting prowess. Jamie Foxx’s career has been filled with critical acclaim and awards for his versatile performances in memorable movies. He continues to be a formidable force in the entertainment industry with exciting projects on the horizon. According to IMDb, here are some of his best movies that showcase his remarkable talent. According To IMDb, Best 10 Movies of Jamie Foxx.

1. Any Given Sunday (6.9)

Oliver Stone is renowned for poignant films exploring heavy topics, yet he took on American football in Any Given Sunday. The movie offers a raw, unfiltered look at the sport, focusing on players and coaches both on and off the field. Jamie Foxx portrays a young and inexperienced quarterback alongside an exceptional cast, including Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. The intense and hard-hitting film leaves a lasting impression.

2 . Rio (6.9)

Jamie Foxx’s captivating presence extends to the animated genre, as seen in Rio, a delightful family adventure about a small-town bird’s escapade to Rio de Janeiro with an adventurous macaw. Foxx voices a music-loving canary and delivers an engaging performance, supported by a stellar cast. With its infectious music and captivating sequences, Rio offers an enjoyable experience for all ages.

3. Horrible Bosses (6.9)

Jamie Foxx’s comedic talent is on full display in Horrible Bosses, where he plays ex-convict Motherf**ker Jones. The film is a dark and hilarious adventure with standout comedic performances from the likes of Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston. Horrible Bosses is a must-watch for those seeking a break from Foxx’s dramatic roles.

4. The Kingdom (7.0)

Jamie Foxx’s action hero roles have been hit or miss, but The Kingdom was a success with audiences due to its grounded action sequences. Foxx leads a team of U.S. agents investigating a bombing in the Middle East. Director Peter Berg creates tense action and the movie tackles real-world issues, making for a satisfying genre film.

5. Jarhead (7.0)

Jamie Foxx’s career is marked by his ability to switch between leading and supporting roles in great films. In Sam Mendes’ Gulf War drama, Foxx plays a commanding officer to Jake Gyllenhaal’s marine character. Rather than a depiction of war’s violence, the film is a psychological study of the soldier, making for a fascinating and superbly acted cinematic experience.

6. Law Abiding Citizen (7.4)

Jamie Foxx stars as a district attorney targeted by a vengeful man (Gerard Butler) in the thriller Law Abiding Citizen. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the intense revenge story resonated with audiences, who enjoyed the gripping performances of Foxx and Butler in this cat-and-mouse tale.

7. Collateral (7.5)

Jamie Foxx’s versatility as an actor shines in Collateral, a thriller in which he plays a taxi driver unwittingly caught up in a series of assassinations carried out by his passenger, portrayed by Tom Cruise. Michael Mann’s direction enhances the film’s premise, and Cruise delivers an exceptional performance as the villain. Yet it is Foxx’s portrayal of the unlikely hero that anchors the story, making it an engaging and unforgettable cinematic experience.

8. Baby Driver (7.6)

In Baby Driver, directed by Edgar Wright, Jamie Foxx shines once again in a supporting role as an unpredictable criminal who works with the getaway driver, Baby. The film’s inventive chase sequences, sharp humor, and killer soundtrack make it an enjoyable experience, with Foxx’s standout performance adding to its entertainment value.

9. Ray (7.7)

Jamie Foxx’s mesmerizing performance in the Ray Charles biopic Ray solidified his status as a great actor. He delivers an unforgettable portrayal of the legendary musician, showcasing his singing, piano playing, and channeling of Charles. His well-deserved Best Actor Oscar win is a testament to his remarkable talent and the unforgettable impression he left on audiences.

10. Django Unchained (8.4)

Jamie Foxx shines as the titular character in Tarantino’s violent Western, Django Unchained, where he teams up with a bounty hunter to rescue his wife from a cruel plantation owner. The movie features Tarantino’s signature style, with clever dialogue and homages to obscure cinema history. The standout ensemble performance includes Christoph Waltz as the gentlemanly bounty hunter and Leonardo DiCaprio as the terrifying plantation owner.